PhD/MSc/UG openings

Several funded PhD/MSc students positions are available. I’m looking for the brightest students to join my group at McGill working in the area of compilation, parallel language abstractions and hardware design, applied to, or using Machine learning. McGill has quite a diverse student community and I particularly welcome applications from under-represented groups (e.g. female applicants).

You can find below some example of research topics that are of interests for me at the moment. But in general, if you have an interest in doing research in compilation do not hesitate to contact me. Note that strong programming skills are highly desirable.

Possible research topics include:

  • Neural network accelerator design space exploration
  • Design of domain specific architectures
  • Automatic code generation for neural network accelerators
  • Machine learning applied to compiler problems

How to contact me

Before applying formally, feel free to contact me by email (

Please follow the following instructions when writing your email to increase your chances of receiving a reply:
  • Subject: “Prospective student for a position in your group”
  • Body:
  • Specify if you are interested to do a MSc, PhD or undergrad internship
  • Are you a local or international student?
  • For international students, do you have your TOFEL (or equivalent) and/or GRE results?
  • What attracts you to systems research?
  • When would you be able to join?
  • Attachments:
  • CV
  • Short research statement (1-2 pages)
  • MSc and/or undergrad research thesis/report
  • Transcripts from undergrad/MSc (no need for official documents at this stage)
  • Any publications you may have
  • TOFEL/IELTS/… English test scores (if available)
  • GRE results (if available)

Official application information:

Given that I am affiliated with two departments, your official applications will be made to either CS or ECE depending on your research topic. More information can be found by following these links:

Once we have discussed your application by email, and potentially via a conference call, please apply through the McGill application website in one of the two departments, selecting me as your preferred supervisor. Note that the deadlines are different in these two departments and for International and Canadian students.

The deadlines for international students requiring financial support are:

  • CS: January 1st for Fall admission & September 1st for Winter admission
  • ECE: December 15 for Fall admission & August 1st for Winter admission